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Welcome to Helios Archives. My name is Olivia, and since I was a child, I've been enamored with the classics. I remember first hearing the story of Athena leaping from her father's head, and from that point, there was no turning back. Everyone wants to feel seen, and I believe the diversity within classical myths allows for that luxury.


Whether it be war, culture, tradition, or lifestyles, I've devoted endless amounts of time to this interest of mine. However, one thing I always found frustrating was the lack of resources on certain aspects of ancient history and classical literature.


Therefore, I create informative, easy-to-comprehend guides on various aspects of ancient history and mythology so that this area of study can become more accessible. So more people can feel seen and explore their interests.

I believe the classics are an essential aspect of study to both understand our world today and appreciate where we started. Follow along to learn more about our origins and just how similar we are to our ancient brothers and sisters.

We were always this beautiful.

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